A New Chapter for Marvin Gardens


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Summer 2013 at Marvin Gardens

Summer 2013 at Marvin Gardens


Source: Marvin Gardens

Mother’s Day has just passed and I was able to enjoy the special day in my own garden with family for the first time in 17 years. Although the store closing was quite bittersweet, I am not remiss to be home and not “minding the store,” especially on such days as Mother’s Day! It is so luxurious to be able to dedicate weekends to my family now, however, there are a few exceptions! Take a peek at the Antique & Garden Show Schedule below.

For those of you who are new to Marvin Gardens, please connect with us through this website, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. Each of the social media sites have different information and photographs so possibly one will suit your needs. Through these sites you’ll be able to capture some ideas for container gardening and garden room design. There are also plenty of photos of cast iron urns placed at a variety of home styles…antique, contemporary and traditional.

As Marvin Gardens pivots into a new direction with the creation of a Private Studio and Showroom, you’ll still be able to shop with us via email, private appointment, special events & shows and eventually, an on-line shopping cart.

In the meantime, browse through the photos, gather your thoughts , visit, reach out and stay connected!

See you soon! amabel

Spring Show Schedule 2015:

Brimfield (Brimfield, MA Field: Heart of the Mart) Wednesday, May 13
Trade Secrets (Sharon, CT) Saturday May 16
Bartlett Arboretum (Stamford, CT) June 6
Georgetown Day (Georgetown, CT) June 14
Much About Madoo (Sagaponack, NY) June 19, 20

Brick-and-Mortar No More…


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The Cracking Art Group’s Beautiful Red Snails. Thank you for inviting Marvin Gardens to exhibit and now we are a proud owner of a large Snail as well…love your message!

Summer 2013 at Marvin Gardens

Summer 2013 at Marvin Gardens

Greetings all! We’re back from the Philadelphia Flower Show to wrap up MARVIN GARDENS’ STORE CLOSING SALE.

As many of you already know, the business model for Marvin Gardens is changing to focus on internet sales, antique and garden shows, private events and client services. After an early start in Georgetown in 2002 to completing a full 12 years on Route 7, Marvin Gardens will no longer operate as a traditional brick-and-mortar retail operation.

Disc Orb at In Situ, Redding on the cover of Garden Design Magazine Summer 2014

Disc Orb at In Situ, Redding on the cover of Garden Design Magazine Summer 2014

The journey has been filled with wonderful experiences, adventures and amazing people. It is bittersweet as I have cultivated many friends and met so many people who have enriched my life in such wonderful ways. Barbara DeCosta has been my Assistant for 10 years and she has ridden the roller coaster right along side me with major changes (the BIG move 2 years ago), new and old adventures (HM Oliver Interiors, Red’s Roadside Attraction and Spice Americana) and marathon days (The Philadelphia Flower Show, Brimfield and weekend venues)…there’s so much more!  I could not have done it without her…and I cannot thank her enough.

As in the past, you will be able to find Marvin Gardens at a variety of shows and events, including Trade Secrets (www.TradeSecretsCT.com), The Philadelphia (www.TheFlowerShow.com), The Brimfield Antique Market and other far and near venues. Marvin Gardens is always available for container gardening, garden design consultations and holiday decorating. Private appointments and design services are ongoing as well. For those of you who have been with Marvin Gardens from the beginning in Massachusetts, you know that there are many branches to the business. The brick-and-mortar is just a portion of the “Big Tree” and I am just doing some major “pruning.”

Click on the Social Media Buttons to see our past work and where we’ve been…it’s all visual and there’s lots. Follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. We are working on the Shopping Cart for eCommerce so please stay tuned as we transition into the next chapter…

Come by Marvin Gardens on Route 7 and pick up some fabulous finds as the inventory liquidation sale continues daily, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. Before and after hours are by chance or appointment!


Mother Nature has been challenging for all and we have extended our sale to include the month of MARCH

Take a peek at the photos here for a few memories….post your favorites from Marvin Gardens on our Facebook page, Pinterest or hashtag us on Instagram…we enjoy walking down memory lane!

Barbara and I would love to see you at the shop one last time or, for the first time, as we say goodbye to the end of a wonderful ride on Route 7.

Dress warm and see you soon!


Outdoor Living Areas

Outdoor living is perfected when you have just enough to make the space comfortable and inviting (July, 2009)


Kim Queen Ferns…master beauty, pure elegance, no fuss (Sept, 2008)

gardening tips

Sedum, Succulents and a Wonderful Vintage Container (June 2013)

Container Planting

Lush Perennial Container Garden..maintenance free (July 2011)

Marvin Gardens - Garden Gate

A unique garden gate is much more than just a functional piece, it’s a special find! (June 2010)

Living Wall with Succulent & Sedum Assortment (May 2010)

antique truck

Big Red 1949 International continues to be a charmer…look for it this summer out and about town…(January photoshoot 2010…we buried the snow in greens!)


One of my favorite finds…vintage ice cream parlor stools. They have a happy home in Robbie’s house! When did you move here from CA?

gardening tips

Teak Root Orb placed at In Situ,Redding c/o Landmorphology

snow covering Marvin Gardens

All of our garden accessories have thawed out, stop by for a visit! (Jan 2011)


Rustic can be charming and whimsical…

Amabel at the Waveny House

Ha! Glory days gone past…(April 2009)

Marvin Gardens - Teak Driftwood Rhino

This teak driftwood rhino is a fabulous example of the specialty pieces I constantly search for…it’s home is now in Fairfield.


Red's Roadside Attraction on Facebook

My babies…Henry, Madeleine, Olivia& Gracie…Christmas 2012

Winter Arrangement

Aluminum Deer and Magnolia Branches 2012

Sweet Madeleine...my photographer ingenue...

Sweet Madeleine…my photographer ingenue…

gardening tips

Marble Guan Yin and Passiflora Grandiflora…more favorites…

One of my favorite photos...Big Red and a herd of goats...one daughter took the photo and the other two are hiding in the pick-up bed!

One of my favorite photos…Big Red and a herd of goats…Madeleine took the photo and Olivia and Gracie are hiding in the pick-up bed!

custom gardening tips

Sedum Collection in Antique urn

A chilly day for a wedding! And we are missing 3 of the 8 children! Jan 2015

A chilly day for a wedding! And we are missing 3 of the 8 children! Jan 2015

Big things come in Little packages...thinking big...again

Big things come in Little packages…thinking big…again

garden accessories

See you soon! amabel

Beautiful Ways to Landscape Your Garden to Keep the Water Flowing


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Moving water effectively across your land is an important consideration when designing an outdoor space. According to Houzz.com, there are several ways to work drainage and water movement into your landscaping that is both beautiful and functional.

gardening tips

Source: Flickr

Planning considerations

The topography of your land and the setup of the neighborhood drainage system help determine viable options for incorporating water flow into your design. Creating water features that assist in proper stormwater management benefit the environment and your property. For proper ways of managing runoff, consult a professional.

Swales and/or subdrainage

Two forms of achieving water movement when designing an outdoor space are swales and subdrainage. Swales are a way to move the water across the surface of the land while subdrainage works primarily underground. Water slows down through swales, which are shallow depressions in the land, and that helps the absorption of water back into the ground. Subdrainage uses pipes and inlets beneath the surface and moves water quickly. Using a combination of swales and subdrainage is the best way to move water through your landscape because it prevents erosion and promotes cleaner water.

Begin designing an outdoor space for spring by contacting our experienced professionals at Marvin Gardens today.

Take a Different Approach to Your Garden in 2015


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Taking a new approach to gardening gives you a chance to explore the full potential of your land. If you’ve always followed the same routine when choosing plants for a New England garden, Houzz.com suggests changing things up a bit.

Set a section free

Allow an area of your garden to grow free this year to discover what it has to teach you. When weeds thrive, that indicates rich soil that might not work well for current plants. Stop nursing along those plants that struggle and find a hardier alternative that will thrive. Listen to what your plants are telling you with their actions.

Choose native plants

Native plants do better than exotics, especially in unpredictable climates. Opt for native varieties when choosing plants for a New England garden and you’ll soon have lush, abundant greenery that grows beautifully in your area.

Use nature as a guide

Take a walk in the wilder, natural areas around where you live and find locations similar to your garden settings. See what naturally grows well in full sun, shade, dry, and wet conditions and take pictures for future reference.

Choosing plants for a New England garden is easy when you visit Marvin Gardens.

Functional Gardens are a Great Compromise Between Style and Simplicity


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Designing an outdoor space nowadays is all about combining form and function, style and simplicity. Decks and patios have become extensions of the home as outdoor entertainment and relaxation areas and garden architecture ties into that growing trend. Houzz.com has some helpful ideas for designing a stylish, usable garden.

Rational but informal

Designing a rational garden layout doesn’t mean it has to be formal and overly structured. An outdoor space works best planned around its intended use whether it is recreation, rest, or a combination of the two. It should fit your lifestyle, not adhere to the flawless pictures found in magazines.

Paths with purpose

When designing an outdoor space that’s stylish yet simple, pathways serve as useful elements in the garden. Paths help define flowerbeds and give you an easy way to maneuver through the various plants, trees, and ornamental accents.

Useful ornamentation

Having decoration and ornamentation in the garden can serve a purpose beyond style. When decoration takes the form of lighting, it helps illuminate garden paths and when it’s an element such as a birdbath, it provides fresh water for the birds beneficial to your garden.

Contact Marvin Gardens when you’re designing an outdoor space this year.

Important January Tasks for Your New England Garden


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Even though the cold wind is still blowing and the snow is still falling, it’s already time to think about caring for your New England Garden. According to Houzz.com, now is the time to look into planting seeds, acquiring starter plants, and supporting local gardening organization as everyone looks eagerly toward spring.

gardening tips

Source: Flickr

Explore plant sales and heirloom plants

Research when plants sales from local garden clubs occur and attend them to find the best starter plants. Consider adding heirloom plants to your garden because these old-fashioned varieties come from organizations dedicated to preserving historic sites and plant records.

Read about it

Visit your local library and check out books on gardening and landscaping to give you a head start on planning and caring for your New England Garden. Donate any gardening books you don’t want so others can benefit from them.

Help bee survival

The honeybee population continues to decline so it’s vital that you support local beekeepers in an effort to bring the buzzing pollinators back to full strength. Plant aster, goldenrod, and other wildflowers as bees need these to create honey and sustain their hives.

Get insight into caring for your New England Garden by contacting Marvin Gardens.

Help Keep Birds Healthy in Your Yard This Winter


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Feeding the wild birds in the winter not only helps them survive the cold months it also enhances your enjoyment of the outdoors when you’re spending more time inside. Caring for your New England Garden should include taking care of the birds because they help keep pests down and happily feed off any lovely sunflowers you plant. Keep birds healthy with these tips from Care2.com and they’ll love you year-round.

gardening tips

Source: Flickr

Covered feeders

When you put seed out, place it in covered feeders to shelter it and the birds from winter’s cold and wet conditions. Place it in a location sheltered from the worst of the wind and snow so birds have a safe haven during mealtimes.

Homemade suet

Suet is easy to make at home with a few simple ingredients. By combining energy-filled ingredients like peanut butter, cornmeal, and oatmeal, you’re providing the birds with nutrition to keep them warm during the winter cold.

Food and water

You may only think that birds need water during the warmer months, but they need water year-round. Put out a birdbath of some kind with a heating element to prevent freezing.

Marvin Gardens has everything required when caring for your New England Garden.

Fun Crafts You Can Make With Items From Your Garden


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Keeping busy during the winter months makes the time inside pass quicker. Bring some of the outdoors inside with crafts that incorporate the rewards of your spring and summer garden design ideas. Start with crafts suggested by Houzz.com and see where your imagination leads.

gardening tips

Source: Marvin Gardens Facebook

Creature habitats

Once spring arrives, the birds, bugs, and bees will be looking for new homes. Help them get a head start by creating crafts that encourage new habitats. A small hallowed log with loose nesting materials is perfect for birds. Invite bugs and bees into your yard with displays of dried, hallow sticks that can serve as homes.

Picture perfect

If winter weather is starting to get you down, start going through albums for pictures of the beautiful blooms created from successful garden design ideas. Find a few photos that you love and make a collage or have them enlarged to place in frames on the wall. Glimpses of what awaits in the warmer weather brings inspiration for your upcoming garden adventures.

Winter bouquet

Bring some of your hallow stem plants like dogwood inside and incorporate them into a winter bouquet that’s unique and vibrant.

Garden design ideas live all year round at Marvin Gardens.

Get Out and Enjoy Some Nature This Winter Season


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Resisting the urge to hibernate during the winter can be challenging, but it’s worth the effort. With some winter gardening tips from Care2.com, discover new ways to appreciate the beauty of the season.

gardening tips

Source: Marvin Gardens Facebook

Feed, see, and hear the birds

Hanging a bird feeder in the back yard, on the porch, or off a balcony is a great way to bring nature closer in the winter. Food is scarce in winter so you’ll soon have birds of all colors, songs, and sizes flying to your feeders in an entertaining and educational display.

Animal life

During the spring and summer, you want to keep animals out of your garden but winter gardening tips suggest observing the tracks of animals as they wander through your property. With no worries about them eating your vegetables, take the time to find deer, rabbit, and squirrel tracks in the snow.

Snowy moments

Take your camera with you when you’re outside enjoying nature. Work on perfecting photography skills by focusing on applying the rule of thirds, avoiding harsh lighting and keeping shots simple and uncluttered. Snap photos of snow-covered trees, birds, and any other interesting winter elements you see.

Contact Marvin Gardens for creative winter gardening tips.